Praise and Worship

Leaders: Vincent Langat and Dorcas Ngetich

The bible says that the lord inhabits the praises of his people(Ps 22:3) and our praise and worship team knows that in order for the church to get to the presence of the master, it has to take sanctification and prayer and purification of heart through repentance and purity of heart through the praise and worship.

Through worship, everyone who comes to church leaves having elevated countenance because of encountering a touch of the holy spirit in their lives and receiving a word of encouragement  and a word of prophecy and a word that sets them in the course to their destiny.

David said, if I cherished sin in my heart, you would not have heard my prayer (ps 66:18). This home grown team works hard every time to lift up the church through praise and worship and every time we see God doing wonderful things in church.