Sunday School Ministry

Leader:  Janette Rutto

In our church we understand that since majority of our members are parents with Sunday school age kids, we put every effort in making sure that the children are given the teachings that make them grow in the knowledge of God by teaching biblical lessons to guide them as they grow up to be servants of God. We teach them that the the fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom and we do this by providing solid biblical foundation using many tools including inspirational biblical biographies.  There are myriad activities that children love to play even as we surround them with faith-based community which is full of love. By reading bible stories and participating in group bible studies, our children learn the basics of discipleship and knowledge of God. Some of the activities we have include,  Sunday school lessons on Sunday we have children activities, fun games and competitions, such as Vacation Bible schools ( in the summer) and fun trips.

We join with the whole church mission of providing a place for family to feel at home and grow in Christ. We want kids to learn about God and grow to have a personal experience with Christ. 

We provide child dedication services as a way of committing these children to the house of God at a very early stage in life. By doing this, we are committing both the parents and the church to bring up the child in ways of God by providing opportunities that show and direct the child in Christian growth, both physical and spiritual.

We understand that when choosing a home church, one has to consider factors such as the richness of the material lessons and activities that children will have in Sunday school. It is on this backdrop that Sunday school program goals are tailored to provide and equip the Sunday school teachers with the curriculum and materials necessary for effective Sunday school teaching. Sunday school is a very fundamental consideration every parent needs to make when one is choosing a home church and Ushindi we are committed to providing a safe, fun and spiritually nourishing environment for children to grow.