Ushindi Singles



Leader:  Caro Cheruiyot

 Ushindi singles ministry seeks to help single adults grow in the image of Christ and prepare for the destiny God has planned for them.  Through prayers, fellowship, and social events the singles ministry guides and encourages single adults to live a life that is honorable before the Almighty God as we see in Psalms 119:9 “How can a young person stay on the path of purity? By living according to your word.”

  Ushindi singles ministry is open to anyone who is not married. One of the big pointers to families begins in the Garden of Eden. When God made man, he put him in the east side of the Garden (Gen 2:8). He was alone then. That is God’s plan for every one of us. Every one of us starts with being SINGLE.  This message is not just for man, but it is for a woman too. God places you in the garden alone first, before you meet someone. At this time, you work; just like Adam did. You will tend to the garden of your life- How to manage your life. If you can manage your life while still alone, then it means you are ready to manage the life of your spouse when you get married. (As we know the bible says your life belongs to your spouse). Adam’s job was to tend to the garden and learn how to provide for himself. If he passed this simple test, then he was ready for a wife.

 Ushindi Single’s ministry will provide you with this opportunity to be filled with the spirit of God through many life changing events when you fellowship with people who have similar passion- the pursuit of holiness and Godliness. We will have singles dinners; singles worship nights, singles seminars and many more. In such moments, powerful declarations and prophesies will be made upon the lives of single men and women.

If you are single, please consider joining this ministry and we will worship the lord together and get spiritual nourishments together.

God bless you as you consider joining USHINDI SINGLES MINISTRY